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Trust with Transparency

In light of the recent police vehicle purchase, I took the time to sit down and think a bit more on my initial comment on that page.

I do trust our aldermen to act in our best interests on decisions. We elected them after carefully considering the candidates running. But trust comes from transparency and the ability to verify what they tell us.

I’d like to see more effort from this board in being open and transparent ahead of time rather than doing the minimum legally required. I could easily see the aldermen talking to the Elk Valley Times, here on the Fayetteville Weekly interviews, FPU Channel 6, or even taking to their own public pages like Facebook to talk about votes they case and decisions they make.

We all can’t make it to the Thursday morning work session or the Tuesday evening board meeting. Those times are infeasible for any of us with 9-5 jobs. There must be a better option here.

Our public officials were elected by us, work for us, and should keep us in the loop on things ahead of important votes. We see our state and federal elected officials keeping us up-to-date on proposed legislation. Why can’t that happen here at the local level?

– Laura from Fayetteville

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