TPA Gubernatorial Forum

Tennessee State Capitol

It may seem like a shock but our candidates for Tennessee governor mostly agreed on something.

During this week’s TPA Gubernatorial Forum, the five candidates found themselves all promoting more openness and transparency with state government.

“I would be deeply committed to transparency at every level of government. I think that one of the challenges that we face is people don’t trust the government and part of the reason they don’t is because we don’t have access and transparency to the degree that we should.” – Bill Lee

Five of the seven candidates appeared together on stage:

  • Three of the five Republican candidates participated – Randy Boyd, Bill Lee, and Kay White
  • Two Republican candidates were no shows – Beth Harwell and Diane Black.
  • Both Democratic candidates participated – Karl Dean and Craig Fitzhugh

When the topic turned from transparency to local government control, differences appeared between the candidates.

“It seemed to me that for many years, the Republican view was the best government was at the local level, but here recently at the Legislature, the majority party has taken it upon themselves to sort of get into cities’ business and counties’ business on various things. I think they had it right the first time.” – Craig Fitzhugh

When asked about local government control, Boyd also favored locals deciding:

“Can the local community make this decision for themselves? If they can, then they should.”

Make sure to watch the full forum in the video above for a good view of where each candidate stands.

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