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Since launching the Fayetteville Weekly, I’ve talked to lots of people about the challenges facing our town and what we can do to help move our community forward. Those chats led to the written interviews as well as longer articles where multiple views are brought in. But I’ve often felt that they lose something in the move from a live interview into written text.

I’ve heard similar feedback from lots of people that shared their ideas on what we’ve done well and could improve on with the Fayetteville Weekly. That’s why I’m excited to change things up a bit with this news.

We’ll be launching a weekly podcast!

Each week, we talk to our town leaders so you know what’s happening and how you can get involved in moving our community forward. You’ll hear from them directly – no cuts, no edits. It’ll be like you’re standing right there when we recorded the interview.

With written articles, you’ll still see new ones from time to time. Longer pieces are in the works around things like the city and county’s upcoming budget, the ongoing sewer challenges in the county, and the elections this fall. But our main focus going forward will be on the podcast.

You can use any of these handy links to subscribe in the podcast player of your choice.

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Give episode one a listen here and let me know what you think!

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