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Shane Reeves Wins District 14

Republican Candidate Shane Reeves

With the votes from Lincoln and surrounding areas counted, Republican candidate Shane Reeves won the race against Democrat Gayle Jordan.

At 72%-28%, Mr. Reeves held a sizable lead over his opponent. Here in Lincoln County specifically, he won the election 79% – 21%.

“I am humbled and honored to be elected to represent the 14th district as OUR State Senator. I will work hard to be the people’s voice across Rutherford, Bedford, Marshall, Lincoln, and Moore counties. I am proud of the campaigns we ran and commend the efforts of my opponents. We had a great team and I am thankful to those who worked hard to get us across the finish line tonight.”

– Shane Reeves

Despite negative campaign attacks and even an inner-party fight over the nominee, Mr. Reeves kept the 14th district from turning blue. Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally compared it to hitting “a big, red seawall”.

After the results were posted, Mrs. Jordan said she had hoped for a different outcome. She went on to say “But I will tell you we have made progress. In our little rural district, we are having conversations about religious liberty. In our little, rural district we are having conversations about cannabis. In our little, rural district we are having conversations about educational inequality, which some of our folks have learned about for the first time and understanding why it matters that we have broadband.”

Mr. Reeves will be sworn into office at 9 a.m. Thursday on the Senate Floor in Nashville. He’ll hold the senate seat until 2020.

Go deeper: See the unofficial voter counts and county breakdowns here.

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