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Shane Reeves – Republican Candidate for the 14th District

Republican Candidate Shane Reeves

As a seventh generation Tennessean and son of a former Murfreesboro mayor, the Republican candidate in the upcoming special election knows his district well. Now it’s your turn to learn a bit more about him before casting your vote in the March 13th election.

In 1995, Reeves bought into a small family pharmacy with a partner – Rick Sain. The renamed pharmacy – Reeves-Sain – would grow into an easily recognizable name in Murfreesboro. Reeves went on to sale a majority share of the company to Fred’s in 2015, with the pharmacy keeping it’s identity and being led by co-founder Rick Sain.

After the sale, Reeves founded TwelveStone Health partners, a healthcare company focused on after-hospital care. In a recent interview, he pointed to this background as a strength for state service.

“ As a businessman, I believe the best training ground for public office is in the private sector. The private sector gives you the opportunity to take on complex problems and (know) what it is like to operate under mandates and regulations from the state and federal governments.”

As an entrepreneur in the healthcare space, it’s no surprise that healthcare is one of his top issues. From that same interview:

We are not going to get any type of meaningful health-care reform out of Washington. With the extensive amount of brainpower and capital in Nashville, there is no reason we cannot gather the public and private sectors to come up with conservative, meaningful solutions to our health-care crisis.

While light on detail, you can find some information on his other top issues – jobs, educations, etc. – on his campaign site here.

Reeves also lined up some hefty endorsements from other GOP politicians. Former State Senator Jim Tracy as well as State Representative Pat Marsh endorsed Reeves for the open seat.

“Like myself, Shane Reeves has spent his life meeting a payroll, paying taxes, creating jobs, building businesses and giving back to the community. We need more men like Shane, President Trump and myself, who prior to serving in office, spent our lives building businesses and creating jobs and know what it takes to get things done.” – Pat Marsh

Go deeper: The Reeves for State Senate website has more information and news from the campaign.

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