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Recycling Center Set to Reopen

Community leaders approve plan to resume operations.

Update: November 20th at 8:14pm

The Recycling Center plans to reopen on Monday November 26th.

At this month’s meeting, Commissioner Doug Cunningham updated the full County Commission on both short-term and long-term plans. The Commission approved Richardson Waste Removal to temporarily run the recycling operations.  Existing funding to the Center will be used to pay for that service.

Richardson Waste Removal aim to use the rest of this week to clean up the existing backlog of recyclables. Normal service resumes on Monday November 26th.

Longer term, county officials plan to continue work started at today’s meeting by exploring a range of options. The next meeting will be at the Solid Waste Committee meeting on December 4th at 5pm.

Original: November 17th

Local community leaders learned Friday that the Recycling Center has temporarily closed due to lack of funds for operating and payroll expenses. It’s the second closure in recent months with the last cash infusion coming from both the city and county governments back in June. The Center also saw a temporary closure back in 2016 due to cash flow problems.

Located at the corner of Main Avenue and Mayberry Street, the Recycling Center serves as the primary drop off point for locals looking to recycle plastics, newspapers, magazines, and a variety of other items. Without an open recycling center, some state and federal funding could be at risk.

Community leaders will be meeting early next week with director Mike Ingram and other members of the Recycling Center board to work out a solution. For the local government side, incoming city mayor Michael Whisenant and administrator Scott Collins will work with county finance director Cole Bradford and commissioner Doug Cunningham.

3 comments on “Recycling Center Set to Reopen

  1. Wayne Steele

    This City and County has lost its sense of taking care of the Earth and being God’s good stewards.

  2. David Mingia

    I have read recently that the market for recycled trash has fallen severely. I do not believe we are alone in this dilemma…

  3. Wayne Steele

    A different drop-off location for where our recycling products are taken needs to be looked at. Maybe one that’s closer or see if a larger facility around the Mid-State or Hsv can take it (not sure about crossing statelines with recycling). Maybe increase the volume of recycling products by supplying a blue bin to each home to make it easier for more locals to recycle who normally wouldn’t. I bet many would recycle if it were easier to manage with their busy schedules versus their location and normal driving routes in comparison to the recycling center’s location. Increase the amount of return revenue for the products. This should be a priority to not clog our landfills with products that can be reused – for the sake of the Earth for generations to come.

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