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Rē: The Regenerative School

A new educational non-profit organization has launched in Fayetteville! The Regenerative School, or Rē for short, builds on the work of Ashlei Laing and Felix ‘Skip’ Bivens who have been working in the community for several years as Empyrean Research.

On this episode, you’ll hear from both Ashlei and Skip as we talk about how Rē got its start, what sets it apart from other schools, and why regenerative thinking and action is key to the future of our community.

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1 comment on “Rē: The Regenerative School

  1. Jim Martone

    A remarkable idea and focus for the school. I am glad you’re both here in the community. Can’t wait to see what comes of your efforts. Fayetteville – Lincoln County is much better for your work!

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