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Public Bathrooms Downtown

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The issue on the table – should there be public bathrooms on the city square that are open on nights and weekends?

Questions to Consider

  • Why are public bathrooms on the square something our community needs?
  • If it’s funded through taxpayer dollars, what’s the estimated initial cost as well as any recurring maintenance expenses?
  • Could a current public building be adapted for this use?
  • Could the cost be shared between the city and county governments?
  • What other options are there that haven’t been considered yet?

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4 comments on “Public Bathrooms Downtown

  1. Laura Redding

    We absolutely need public bathrooms available on the weekends. Many a time I’ve found myself in need of one only to not know where to turn. Yes, I could go to a private business but I always feel a bit hesitant in asking. It’d be much better for us to have public restrooms on the square just like surrounding towns do, especially if we’re aiming for more tourism like we seem to be doing.

  2. I’m not sold on this one yet. Feels a bit like the “build it and they will come”. It’s true that the city does seem to have tourism as a “business” in it’s sight. But is the time to build public restrooms now? Or once we’ve seen that Camp Blount and other tourist attractions will actually work?

    • Laura Redding

      Jennie Roles-Walter had a great point on this in the forum on food trucks. She said this –

      “When you have an influx of people for an extended amount of time restrooms are needed and if you want families to attend these events and shop more often you need to provide this simple necessity not to mention handicapped people needing a place to relieve themselves as well.

      A welcoming center on the square that may be used on weekends excluding Sunday’s unless a festival is taking place that is aesthetically pleasing, with knowledgeable people that can provide information about our town to visitors is a huge plus!”

      Tourists are here for the festivals already. And those festivals are seeing growth year over year. It’s time that our city/county gets serious about this for tourists and for our locals.

  3. Jennie Roles-walter

    I do fully support proceeding with this as it is a need. However, this like everything else needs to be studied well before peoceeding.

    Previous Mayor Jon Law has suggested Main St and The Chamber combine forces and house a space together on the square that provided restrooms which would help with additional annual cost of maintaining such a facility in hence….a welcoming center with the most knowledgeable people about our town and businesses (I hope) in one central location and if possible (Sheltons’s Idea I believe) also house The Warrior Project which is currently at The Rec Center and is to be moved at some point.

    I thought these were wonderful suggestions that would meet multiple needs, save money and support historical property on the square. It is my understanding that the historical square is used in many grant applications to secure funds for our town. An investment in our town square is a true investment in deed and an honor to our ancestors that built her.

    Unfortunately as multiple properties on the square boast poor yearly maintenance I would suggest a structural engineer examine the properties they consider purchasing first.

    Tax payers money should be spent wisely.

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