New State Laws for 2018

With 2017 behind us, 2018 brings several new state laws that take effect on January 1st. There’s a few highly technical ones you’re unlikely to notice, including one that creates a new safety code for electrical supply facilities. But there’s also a few that could impact you directly.

Here’s the ones you’ll want to know about.

  • If you’re in a school zone while the warning lights are flashing, don’t talk on your cell phone unless you’re using a hands free device. Otherwise it’s a $50 fine. Senate Bill 0954
  • With an additional certificate, barbers can now make house calls for their services. Senate Bill 0032
  • School districts and charter schools now have a school transportation supervisor program to oversee transportation services. In addition, bus drivers must now be 25 years or older and complete a training program. House Bill 0322
  • Your vehicle headlights can only be white or amber. The only exceptions to this are emergency vehicles, school buses, mail carriers and law enforcement. Senate Bill 0194

Go deeper: A full list of new legislation from passed by the state General Assembly can be found here.

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