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March County Commissioners Recap

The March County Board of Commissioners meeting presented lots of votes with mostly unanimous agreement between commissioners. Let’s walk through the highlights of what happened.

As always, the full meeting video can be found at the bottom of this page.

Commission Votes

Each of the following received unanimous votes from the commissioners:

  • Re-appointment of Lloyd Steelman, Lisa Hardiman, Eulus Quick, and Sam Ezell to the Board of Equalization. With Hilton Sullivan stepping down from the board after this term, Mike Thompson was appointed to fill that seat.
  • Dr. Bill Heath, director of county schools, asked for the approval of a Public Education Resolution. You can find a copy of that resolution here.
  • Nancy Harris, director of planning and zoning, asked for approval of a public hearing on April 17th at 5pm. That hearing will discuss a zoning request from Jack Daniel’s Distillery, an amendment to the zoning resolution concerning the design of parking lots, and an amendment to the zoning resolution concerning multi-family standards.
  • Mayor Bill Newman asked to change the Flood Plain administrator from EMA Director Doug Campbell to Director of Planning and Zoning Nancy Harris.

In it’s March 6th meeting, the County Budget Committee passed several items that were up for the full board’s approval. Those included:

  • Approval to apply for grants to be used for the Joy Gleghorn Nature Preserve. This passed unanimously.
  • Approval to donate an unused South Central Human Resource van to the Bedford County Boys and Girls Club. This passed unanimously.
  • A resolution to support funding for the county school board’s plans to build a new facility for Unity School. Commissioner Doug Cunningham cast the only no vote on this.
  • Approval to renovate the USDA building, which must be done for the new lease contract.  This passed unanimously.
  • Approval for a phone system contract at the county jail. This passed unanimously.
  • Approval for the sale of two fire vehicles that aren’t needed. This passed unanimously.

The full county commission meeting can be seen below. Mark your calendars for next month’s meeting on April 17th at 6pm.

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