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March Alderman Meeting Recap

With Spring Break in full swing, the city auditorium was lightly attended. Despite some routine matters, the board did find disagreement on a few items.

The March meeting’s agenda can be found here. Let’s walk through what was decided.

  • A new zoning map was unanimously approved. It’s posted on the city website here.
  • $1,500 was unanimously approved for a first responders dinner. This is for the fire, police, and other first responders from Fayetteville and surrounding counties that worked the Sir’s Fabrics fire.
  • Danny Bryant offered up a three-year extension for City Administrator Scott Collins, which was voted down 4-2 with the only yes votes coming from Mr. Bryant and Dorothy Small.
  • Gwen Shelton offered Mr. Collins an at-will extension, meaning the city administrator would keep his current salary and benefits package. The only change would be the lack of a multi-year contract. The Board could let Mr. Collins go at any time with an at-will extension. This motion passed 4-1 with the only no vote coming from Anna Catherine Osteen.
  • A permit for the Southern Weekend of Art was unanimously approved.
  • A permit for the Farm to Table passed 4-1 with the only no vote coming from Mr. Bryant.
  • Mayor Jon Law appointed Dr. Mike Harry to the Municipal Planning Commission.

From the competing motions there, you might get a hint of some disagreement around the city administrator’s contract. And you’d be right.

I’d recommend watching the full discussion, which starts at the 31:30 minute mark in the video below. It’s a short discussion that’s helpful to hear in full.

Mark your calendars for next month’s meeting on April 10th at 5pm.

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