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Letter: Towards a Better Balance

One-party rule is harmful to democracy. The Tennessee State Senate has extreme imbalance in the form of 28 Republicans and only 5 Democrats. Those of us in Senate District 14 can help move towards a better balance by voting for Gayle Jordan to fill the seat vacated by Jim Tracy. The special election is on Tuesday March 13.

To Democrats and reasonable conservatives who did not vote in the 2010 and 2014 off-year elections, please recognize the straight-line link between not voting then, and the perils of one-party rule in Nashville and Washington, on display now. Gerrymandering of safe seats after the 2010 census, failure to protect DACA youngsters from possible deportation and the denial in 2016 of a hearing for President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court can all be traced in large part to many Democrats staying away from off-year elections, thinking they don’t matter. They now know better.

Voting for Gayle Jordan will be a first step to undo the damage by not voting in off-year elections. Many are counting on you to not vote yet again. Please disappoint them.

– Zak M. from Murfreesboro

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