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Letter: Send Gayle Jordan to the State Senate

Tennesseans in the 14th district have an opportunity to elevate our State back to the place where we cared for our neighbors, where we expected that the poorest among us would have access to health care in our local hospital, where we valued our public school system and supported our teachers with resources and salaries commiserate with their wonderful talents. Gayle Jordan can restore this pride.

We have seen computer systems crash, homework requiring access to the Internet but broadband doesn’t reach everyone, our students spending 30 days a year in testing, stressful, wasted learning time that cannot be recovered. These politically motivated interferences into the education process produce lower scores than we would like. How do we stop this downward portrait of our bright, eager students? The answer is NOT to rob the treasury of education dollars to line the pockets of private sector pseudo-experts who value profit but not our Tennessee heritage.

Applying this same reasoning to our state’s loss of 10 hospitals so far and our devastating loss of loved ones to the continuing opioid crisis shows we need a change in the State Senate leadership.

We celebrate our growing affection and understanding of diverse religions in our community, honoring our Tennessee values of being good neighbors and caring for each other. Gayle Jordan will not let our values be sacrificed. Send her to the State Senate with all of your concerns and watch our historic values return to help everyone be proud of our District.

– Jan S. from Murfreesboro

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