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Players Not Spectators

“The stakes are too high for government to be a spectator sport.”

– Barbara Jordan

In the last county-wide election, only 8,000 people showed up to vote. 8,000 out of 20,000 registered voters in Lincoln County. 8,000 people chose who would lead our community of 33,000 people.

In the county mayor race, that number gets more alarming. Mayor Newman won with only 2,800 votes. So many candidates ran for office that the vote was split multiple ways, with only 35% of voters choosing Mayor Newman.

Those numbers show that we’re spectators in our own community rather than players.

The Fayetteville Weekly recently posted on Facebook that “You can’t change the political game if you don’t change the players”. And we need more players instead of spectators standing around complaining.

If we don’t vote, democracy doesn’t work. If we don’t vote, our voices aren’t heard. If we don’t vote, we’ll be spectators rather than players.

Early voting starts Friday July 13th. Election day is Thursday August 2nd. Go be a player in this election and help Fayetteville and Lincoln County move forward.

– Ruth from District 2

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