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Letter: On Leaving the Tennessee Republican Party

I’m done with the Tennessee Republican Party. As a conservative who was born and raised right here in southern Tennessee, I can no longer be part of an organization with leaders like Lt. Governor Randy McNally and Party Chairman Scott Golden. Their actions in the district fourteen special election show exactly what the party leadership stands for and what the party loyalists desire.

Mr. McNally recently posted this on his social media accounts – “In my 40+ years in politics, I’ve seen few candidates as dangerous as Gayle Jordan. We need to strongly reject her assault on faith and our Tennessee values.” Mr. Golden said, “Saying Gayle Jordan’s radical atheist views don’t represent the values of Tennesseans across this state or in District 14 is a gross understatement. She flat out attacks and rejects the fundamental social, moral, and religious beliefs of millions of Tennesseans.”

These statements are absurd political rhetoric that has shown me the state GOP is no place for me.

I can’t claim to know Mrs. Jordan personally. But I can say that ugly discourse such as Mr. McNally’s and Mr. Golden’s has no place in our elections and certainly not in our politics in general. Everything I’ve read and seen on Mrs. Jordan describes her as an honest candidate that wants the best for our communities here in the district and in Tennessee. She’s not led an assault on faith or values. I may not agree with her personal beliefs on faith, but the last time I checked, there’s no religious litmus test for public office. I looked at, and we should all look at, her views on policy – what she believes on healthcare, on our public infrastructure, and on our public schools.

In researching and preparing to cast my vote, I’ve seen a refreshing breath of air from Mrs. Jordan. She says what she thinks and does so in a positive manner that steers clear of the hateful rhetoric from our current Republican leadership.

Republican Senator Jeff Flake said, “Being a conservative is not just being conservative on policy. It’s being conservative in comportment and demeanor and manners.” Mr. McNally and Mr. Golden could take a lesson from this.

– Matt from Fayetteville

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2 comments on “Letter: On Leaving the Tennessee Republican Party

  1. Debra McManus

    I was also appalled at the comments of Lt. Governor McNally. I have met, read, listened to and spoken to Gayle Jordan. What Mr. McNally said was flat out untrue, he knows it and he said it to incite negative thoughts and feelings about Ms. Jordan. How stupid and easily led does he think we are? Honesty must be the base characteristic of our elected public servants and he fails.

  2. Lori Coleman

    I have found Gayle to be thoughtful, responsive and open to concerns. It seems like she would represent all of us rather than a radical few on either side.

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