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June County Commission Recap

In an evening expected to feature a lively discussion around the budget, this month’s County Commission meeting mostly found unanimity among the commissioners.

Here’s a quick rundown of what votes were approved.

  • Proclamation honoring Admiral Frank B. Kelso/
  • Purchase of new police vehicle.
  • Purchase of recycling trailers from Keep Fayetteville – Lincoln County Beautiful.
  • Individual budgets for Lincoln Health System, Lincoln County Board of Public Utilities, and Sewer.
  • Renewal of the lease agreement for the planning and information technology office.

Commissioner Doug Cunningham brought the commissioners up to date with the quarterly Industrial Development Board Report. In opening, Mr. Cunningham said, “We’ve got a lot of wonderful things to talk about tonight.” His report outlined positive progress being made by the IDB with a record thirteen named projects in the works. Both industrial centers have sites that have been shortlisted by several prospective companies. With Nippon Steel leaving, it opens that building up as well. Touching on the pending Daikon-Goodman closure, Mr. Cunningham continued the positive focus and said, “We’re in a position that we can bring more companies in.”

Turning to the budget, Commissioner Ricky Bryant made the first move of the evening by swapping the order of two agenda items – Item G1 – the Appropriation Resolution – and Item G2 – the Tax Levy Resolution. This switch placed the proposed property tax increase in position to be voted on first, before a vote on the budget appropriations.

After that motion, Commissioner Steve Graham requested that the vote on both items be deferred until next month. This was done due to Commissioners King, Monks, Ogle, and Taylor being absent from the meeting. Mr. Graham believed those four commissioners should have their voices heard and votes counted, especially with something as important as the proposed budget.

The motion to defer to the July commission meeting passed 15-5, with the no votes cast by Commissioners Brown, Eubanks, Reeves, Thorpe, and Young.

Starting July 1st, the county won’t have an operating budget. However, County Mayor Bill Newman and Finance Director Cole Bradford both say departments will continue to operate as normal until the July 17th vote.

The full county commission meeting can be seen below. Mark your calendars for next month’s meeting on July 17th at 6pm.

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