July Alderman Meeting Recap

This month’s Board of Mayor and Alderman started with mostly expected business and ended with a surprising speech from Mayor Jon Law.

The July meeting’s agenda can be found here.

Report wise, the Industrial Development Board saw the most questioning from the aldermen. IDB Chairman Jack Marsh outlined the projects in the works. City and county properties are shortlisted for five different projects worth a total of $75 million capital investment and 525 jobs. Mr. Marsh said, “The spec building is one of five in the state completed and ready. We’re ready for the growth in this area.”

After Mr. Marsh’s report, Alderman Shelton asked why IDB Director Elaine Middleton wasn’t giving the report in her capacity as director. Mr. Marsh said, “Today she’s in Nashville with TVA. I’ll defer that to Mr. Cunningham on the oversight committee.” Alderman Shelton pointed out that other departments give quarterly reports and ended by saying, “I’d ask you to encourage her to come to a quarterly meeting.” That same request was put forth by Alderman Harry and Alderman Small at the end of the board meeting.

Let’s walk through the votes and see what was decided.

    • The board unanimously passed a resolution to recognize the FMS Beta Club for their award-winning performance at nationals.
    • A motion to split the cost ($53,400) of courthouse sidewalk lighting with the county government passed with Alderman Harry as the only no vote.
    • A motion to spend $1,500 from the tourism fund for a fair sponsorship passed with Alderman Small and Alderman Whisenant as the only no votes.
    • A motion to spend $2,100 for the Chamber of Commerce map sponsorship passed unanimously.

During the comments time at the end of the meeting, Mayor Law used that time to cover a variety of issues from recent community misinformation that was spread on Facebook to helping the next generation to become more involved. The mayor also announced that he’s not running for re-election in the November election. Trying to recap his speech wouldn’t do it justice so I encourage you to watch it in full with the video below.

Mark your calendars for next month’s meeting on August 14th at 5pm.

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