With early voting this week and election day August 2nd, our focus has been on the election itself. And that’s good! Our community should be encouraging and helping every single person to get out and vote. Elections are important and a vital part of how we decide the future of Fayetteville and Lincoln County.

But I’d encourage you to do more than just that. Go beyond just voting!

That means:

  • Calling our mayor on issues important to you.
  • Calling our commissioners on issues important to you.
  • Working with commissioners to introduce local legislation around issues important to you.
  • Showing up at committee and commission meetings to hold commissioners accountable.
  • Talking with neighbors about what they want to see happen in our community.
  • Writing letters to the editor, like this one, to bring up issues to others that might not know about them.
  • Registering new voters for the next election.
    If you’re in the city, run for the office open in the November election.

If you’re not moving things forward, you’re not growing. Any of us can help move our community forward step by step. Just because some things have always been the same way doesn’t mean we can’t change things.

Absolutely you should go vote. Bring a friend to vote. But go beyond just voting too!

– David from Blanche

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