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First Ever Mailbag Episode

Send in any question that you have related to our community

Over the last few months, listeners like you and others in our community have emailed me some great questions. Some were easy to work into an episode, such as questions around a public official’s view on something, how to get more involved with supporting our community, etc. But some questions didn’t really fit for a full episode devoted to the topic. And with the year winding down, I feel like it’s a good time to answer some of those.

That’s why we’ll have our first ever mailbag episode! It’s your chance to send in any question that you have related to our community. You can leave me a voicemail –  615-796-6010 – or send a message here.

Get your questions in by December 1st. I’ll bundle them all up in a mailbag episode for air in December!

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