February Alderman Meeting Recap

In a closely watched vote, aldermen voted 4-2 to purchase twelve new police vehicles through a half million dollar loan.

In a closely watched vote, aldermen voted 4-2 to purchase twelve new police vehicles through a half million dollar loan. The Board also recognized World War I veteran Birt Moses Buchanan, set the budget schedule for the next fiscal year, and approved $4,000 for Keep Fayetteville-Lincoln County Beautiful.

The February BMA meeting agenda can be found here . You’ll find the FPU livestream of the meeting below.

Highlights and Votes 

After hearing reports from the FLC County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Fayetteville Main Street, and standing committees, the aldermen cast votes for these items:

  • Ordinance 2019-02 – Retirement Policy – Passed Unanimously
  • Resolution R-19-04 – Honoring World War I veteran Birt Moses Buchanan – Passed Unanimously
  • Request for Funding for Police Vehicles – $508,554.65 – Passed 4-2 with Aldermen Bryant, Allen, Small, and Martinez voting yes and Aldermen Alder and Hartman voting no. An earlier motion from Alderman Hartman to postpone this vote for one month failed to pass with Aldermen Hartman and Alder voting yes and Aldermen Allen, Bryant, Martinez, and Small voting no.
  • Recycle Center – Keep Fayetteville-Lincoln County Beautiful Final Funding Request of $4,000.00 – Passed Unanimously
  • 2020 Budget Schedule – Passed Unanimously
  • Returned Check Policy – Passed Unanimously
  • Junior’s House Walk Permit – Passed Unanimously
  • IDB Appointment – Russ Dixon – Passed Unanimously

Aldermen Hartman and Bryant had a spirited debate around the purchase of new Tahoes and pickups for the Fayetteville Police Department. That discussion starts around the 32-minute mark in the video below.

As always, take some time and watch the meeting. It’s best to hear from the aldermen and other city officials directly, especially in votes with lots of public debate like this month.

Mark your calendars for next month’s meeting on Tuesday March 12th at 5pm.

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2 comments on “February Alderman Meeting Recap

  1. This just shows that city Aldermen (4 of them) don’t want public input since they could have waited until the June meeting that would include a public hearing on the next year’s budget of which this expense would be included. I miss the last board members. At least they had people with higher education degrees and stood up for taxpayers and debated programs like this. Pray for our city.

  2. Laura Redding

    After seeing the conversation between the aldermen, I can appreciate their concern and views in voting yes on the funding. But I still can’t get over the process used here. As I mentioned in my Letter to the Community, we all can’t make it to the Thursday morning work session or the Tuesday evening board meeting. Those times are infeasible for any of us with 9-5 jobs. There must be a better options here when it comes to engaging with the taxpayers over issues like this. Postponing the vote to better education and talk with the community should’ve been an easy decision.

    I expected better and if their tenure continues in this fashion, I’ll be rethinking who got my own votes in the last city election.

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