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County Mayor Race with Bill Newman

Every four years, our community makes a choice. We head into the voting booth, we look at the candidates listed, and we choose. In that moment, we set the course for Fayetteville and Lincoln County in the coming years.

To help you decide which candidates deserve your vote, I’ll be talking with all of them running for local office. You’ll hear each candidate’s vision for our community. You’ll hear their plans on jobs and roads and future growth. You’ll hear straight from them on why their ideas are the right choice for us.

We’ll start at the top of the August 2nd ballot with the county mayor’s office. In this episode, you’ll hear from current county mayor Bill Newman. We touch on issues like his plan for better jobs, money for improvements to our roads and schools, along with how he plans to get buy-in from us here in the community for his vision.

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1 comment on “County Mayor Race with Bill Newman

  1. Christy Mcgee

    I don’t understand why I’m still driving on a dirt road ,this is 2018 ,something could be done about it if they wanted to ,my car stays full of dust ,please help with the roads my is Taylor lane off of Boonville rd

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