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Community Vision Teams Proposals

In 2017, Fayetteville Mayor Jon Law hosted a series of three town hall meetings. The second and third meetings were built around a community visioning process in which attendees brainstormed specific projects they wanted to propose to improve the community. The citizen groups that formed during these meetings have been working over the past several months to develop their proposals in more detail.

These proposals will be formally presented to the mayor at a roundtable meeting on Thursday April 12th. The meeting with begin at 6pm in the upstairs multipurpose at the municipal building. Seven ‘vision teams’ will offer their proposals for feedback and questions from the mayor.

Proposals include:

  • Warrior Project Proposal
  • Municipal Composting Facility Proposal
  • G4 Community Garden Proposal
  • Year-round Downtown Farmers Market Proposal
  • Rural Broadband Proposal
  • Community Investment Cooperative Proposal
  • Increasing Downtown Tourism Proposal

The focus of the meeting will be on recognizing the work of these six vision teams and determining potential next steps for their projects; however, all community members are invited to attend.

The mayor’s office and the vision team process facilitators from Empyrean Research anticipate continuing the vision team process in some form, either through a new round of community generated proposals or through other community assessments to better understand the goals and priorities of the citizens of Fayetteville as we work together to shape our shared future.

If you would like to be involved in future community visioning activities, please contact Skip Bivens at felixbivens@empyreanresearch.org.

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