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August Alderman Meeting Recap

At this month’s Board of Mayor and Alderman, the board tackled the fire department overtime pay issue, approved a restructuring of Planning, Zoning and Building, and ended with a surprise announcement from Vice Mayor Gwen Shelton

The August meeting’s agenda can be found here.

During the standing committee reports, City Administrator Scott Collins said the Phase III state Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant application was denied. Phase III of the Greenway Master Plan includes a perimeter walkway at the Camp Blount site. The state program found no problems with the grant itself but rather came down to other competition for the grant. City officials will be able to reapply for the grant in the future.

Let’s walk through the votes and see what was decided.

  • The city will be giving its portion of the Fayetteville/Lincoln County Senior Citizen’s Building to the organization that runs it. That allows the senior citizens organization more flexibility in making improvements to the building without needing approval from the city and county government.
  • Planning, Zoning and Building will be restructured with existing funds used to hire a full-time property maintenance inspector. City Administrator Scott Collins believes this will allow for better inspection and enforcement since property maintenance complaints make up a large portion of those received.
  • The city’s overtime policy will be updated to comply with Fair Labor Standards Act. In the past, firefighters weren’t paid time and a half for any time worked over 212 hours during each 28-day cycle. The policy change brings overtime pay into compliance as well as adds what’s known as a Kelly Day, which is a scheduled day off that Fire Chief Coby Moon can use to control overtime in scheduling.
  • Other motions include approval of the $8,000 administrative cost for the CDBG Façade Grant, approval of the Recreation Facilities User Agreement, two amendments for the city school budget, appointment of Rovena Wade to the Planning Commission, and several event permits.

During the comments time at the end of the meeting, Vice Mayor Gwen Shelton announced her resignation effective November 7th. That opens up a fourth seat in the alderman races, which means the top four candidates with the highest votes will win the open seats.

“It is incumbent on us to all get involved and work for our community. I wish to thank everyone who has ever supported me. It has been a great privilege, and I will always cherish the opportunity bestowed on me.” – Vice Mayor Shelton

Make sure to watch Shelton’s full remarks at the end of the video below.

Mark your calendars for next month’s meeting on Tuesday September 11th at 5pm.

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