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April Alderman Meeting Recap

This month’s Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting saw two special reports outside of the standing committee reports. The March meeting’s agenda can be found here.

Britt Dye, General Manager at Fayetteville Public Utilities, updated the board on the ongoing construction work around town. The work on the Highway 231/431 bridge should be completed in the next two to three weeks. Mr. Dye also touched on the recent customer complaints related to FPU bills, noting that the abnormally cold weather was the source of higher bills.

Marie Caldwell from the Friends of Admiral Frank B. Kelso Committee announced the inaugural Home Town Heroes on July 14th. This year’s ceremony will honor Admiral Frank Kelso. You’ll find more info on their Facebook page here.

Let’s walk through the votes and see what was decided.

  • City Administrator Scott Collins’ new contract passed with Alderwoman Shelton casting the only no vote.
  • A motion for the adoption of 2018 Strategic Plan passed by unanimous vote. We’ve requested a copy of that plan and will post it as soon as we have it.
  • The city’s Standing Committees were suspended for three months in a unanimous vote. These were replaced by a full mayor and alderman board meeting with individual departments.
  • With the finance director role being unfilled, the board unanimously agreed to designate Chief of Police Richard Howell as acting city administrator if Scott Collins is unable to fulfill that role.
  • A motion to accept the 2019 revised budget schedule passed unanimously.
  • Resolution No. R-18-01 and R-18-02 both passed unanimously. These are resolutions to apply for 2018 Local Parks and Recreation Funds. It’s a 50% matching grant that will be used for new soccer fields. The current project estimate is $398,652, with the property value of land used contributing the 50% match. Barge Design Solutions will assist in the preparation and implementation of the grant. Both resolutions passed unanimously.

As always, the full video is below. Mark your calendars for next month’s meeting on May 8th at 5pm.

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