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2018 City General Election Results

With all the votes counted, mayoral candidate Michael Whisenant wins by a 54 vote margin over Jeff Bradford. The board will see several new faces as well.

Here’s the final unofficial results with all precincts reporting. ☑️ indicates a winner in that race.


  • Jeff Bradford – 948
  • ☑️ Michael Whisenant – 1002


  • ☑️ Jeff Alder – 1,211
  • ☑️ Tonya Allen – 651
  • ☑️ Donna Hartman – 937
  • Jon Law  – 385
  • Rachael Martinez – 605
  • ☑️ Dorothy Small – 1,266

School Board

  • ☑️ Mark A. Clark
  • ☑️ Jennifer Watt Murdock
  • ☑️ Jeff Whitmore

We’ll have a more in-depth look at the election in the coming days.

For state and national election results, head over to the Tennessee Election Results page here.

Update: 4:24pm

On the last podcast episode, we talked with voters on why they vote – civic duty, making a better future, keeping things on the right track. There’s been similar themes today in the voters we’ve talked to. Here’s just a few examples:

“I voted today because I want my voice to be heard in our community. It’s my part of moving things forward for us.” – Mary

“I cast a vote in honor of my grandmother, great-grandmother, and all the women who came before me. They worked tirelessly to make sure I had this opportunity. I’m not going to throw away their hard work.” – Cynthia

“My vote today was to hold my elected officials accountable. It’s to let the the aldermen know that they work for us, not the other way around.” – Dave

Update: 3:05pm

Voting continues to run smoothly across the city and county polling places. Several election officials noted that today’s voting has been busier than past midterms, which matches up with what we’re seeing statewide. Despite the higher turnout, lines to vote were mostly non-existent. Voters were able to get in and get out within just a few minutes.

Update: 1:23pm

“I want people to think about my record, my past twelve years, and some of the votes that I’ve made in favor of the greater whole of the city. We’ve made a lot of progress in the last twelve years.” – Dorothy Small, candidate for alderman

Update – 11:39am

“I started this for the people of the city. They’re why I’m running. If they feel like the city is in the rut, I’m their man to help get us out of that rut. If you feel like a new direction is needed, vote for me.” – Jeff Bradford, candidate for mayor

Update – 11:10am

We’ve seen a few questions around accepted forms of photo ID for voting. Any of the following forms of ID may be used, even if it’s expired:

  • Tennessee driver license with your photo
  • United States Passport
  • Photo ID issued by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security
  • Photo ID issued by the federal or Tennessee state government
  • United States Military photo ID
  • Tennessee handgun carry permit with your photo

Anything outside of that list won’t be accepted. If you don’t bring your ID, ask for a provisional ballot. You’ll cast your vote today and then bring your ID back to the election commission office within two business days.

Update – 11:04am

“I want people to know that I care about the interests of all our citizens, and will use my experience as an Alderman to better the office of the Mayor.” – Michael Whisenant, candidate for mayor

Update – 10:38am

Voting appears to be going smoothly throughout the community.

If you haven’t yet, get out and vote! Polls are open 9am to 7pm today. If you are in line at 7pm, stay in line and vote.

Look up your voter information here to find your polling location. And if you need a ride, message us! There are volunteers ready to give you a lift.

Update – 9:40am

I asked candidates to give me their closing thoughts on the election – what they want you to be thinking about when you head to the polls. Here’s what they want you to keep in mind:

Jason Terhune and I have been communicating today about the leaves that the city gathers are going to be used at the community garden behind the first Presbyterian church. And I gave it some thought and realized that if I was going to have a legacy that the initiatives that came out of those meetings would be it.

When I look at the young entrepreneurs/professionals group, community garden, a brand new food truck business, all of them came out of the interaction that we had during the town hall meetings. I’m a big believer in communicating with people one on one or in as many types of groups as possible to get input, to generate excitement, and create “something” in order to get things done outside of the local government or with it’s help.” – Jon Law, candidate for alderman

“I am the candidate that will work with the merchants. We want tourism downtown so I will keep fighting for public restrooms downtown. We need more jobs. I will work to bring employers into our city. I have the experience you need.” – Donna Hartman, candidate for alderman

“I am here for the people of Fayetteville, I would like to take this time to thank all my supporters and the people who helped me so far and remember no matter who you vote for vote for the people who support all things city. We all need to work together.” – Rachael Martinez, candidate for alderman

Original Post – 9:00am

It’s a big day for the city board of mayor and alderman. A guaranteed new mayor. Three, maybe four, and possibly even five new aldermen. Current Alderman Gwen Shelton resigns tomorrow, which means the fourth top vote-getter will win her seat. That person will serve out the remainder of Shelton’s two year term. If current Alderman Michael Whisenant wins the mayor’s seat, we’ll have a fifth open alderman seat as well.

Here’s your candidates for mayor:

  • Jeff Bradford
  • Michael Whisenant

And your candidates for alderman:

  • Jeff Alder
  • Tonya Allen
  • Donna Hartman
  • Jon Law
  • Rachael Martinez
  • Dorothy Small

Over on the school board side, there’s three open seats and three candidates running. Mark Clark, Jennifer Murdock, and Jeff Whitmore should win those easily.

And if you have questions about the election, leave those in the comments or send a message here. We’ll answer as many as we can!

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