The Chamber with Carolyn Denton

On today’s episode, you’ll hear from Carolyn Denton, Executive Director of our local Chamber of Commerce. If you haven’t worked with them before, the Chamber is an organization that brings together businesses and works to improve the economy and quality of life right here in the community. In this interview, you’ll hear what resources the Chamber has and what work they’re doing for our town.

County Mayor Race with Rick Head

In this episode, you’ll hear from Commissioner Rick Head, who’s running against Bill Newman for the mayor’s seat. We touch on issues like the growth in the southern parts of the county, his plan for better jobs and job training, and how he plans to get buy-in from us here in the community for his vision.

Community Vision Teams with Skip Bivens

Starting in April of 2017, city mayor Jon Law hosted a series of town hall meetings focused on our community’s future. At each town hall, groups worked on a wide range of ideas from community gardens to downtown events and even rural broadband Internet. In this episode, you’ll hear those ideas and how to get involved.